This is my personal website used primarily for sharing my hobby as a photographer.  I'm based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.  Since I began my journey as a photographer in March 2013 I've been on a continual mission to learn and improve my skills.  
The first step for me was to know how to use my gear like a pro.  Any photographer will tell you it's not about what gear you have is what you do with it that counts so the first step for me was to be completely comfortable that I know the gear inside out so I can operate it properly without thinking.  Then when you know your way around that piece of metal and glass comes the 'real' learning where you learn the art and find your creative style.
I've used all manner of resources available to increase my skills particularly some of the top professionals.  Top wedding Photographer Cliff Mautner has been a particular inspiration to me along with Joe McNally.  KelbyOne is also a great resource for learning.  Hardly a day has gone by in the last few years when I have not been doing something to increase my knowledge and skills at this wonderful hobby.
My main passion is Landscape photography especially in the Lake District and Peak District but I l also take great pride in my occasional work as a Wedding and Newborn photographer (primarily for friends and family).  This is extremely challenging work where you really have to know your skill but with it comes huge satisfaction when you present those images at the end.
If you want to use any photos from my site this is usually fine (subject to terms).  Just do the courtesy of asking my permission via my contact form. Use of my photographs for any commercial purpose is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.
Thanks for stopping by.